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sense experience meaning

Synonyms of "sense experience""sense experience" in a sentence
  • He viewed sense experience as conditioned by the constitution of the human mind.
  • When thinking subjectively, or in terms of one ? s own sense experiences, we find that joyous experiences are an end
  •  both poets seek to identify one sense experience with another.
  • These operations, themselves, are not known from sense experience.
  • It is language, not sense experience, that orients mind to reality.
  • Synesthesia ( stimulation of one sense experienced in a second sense ) may transpire.
  • Nowhere in the world of sense experiences and appearances is there an absolutely necessary being.
  • Human beings create ideology by abstracting from and naming sensed and non-sensed experience.
  • It is the possibility of sense experience.
  • That undermined Carnap's plan to translate each meaningful sentence into terms of sense experience and logic.
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