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scope economies meaning

"scope economies" in a sentence
  • [Economics]
    = economies of scope

    The increases in efficiency and sales that can result from producing, distributing, and marketing a range of products, as opposed to a single product or type of product. Bancassurance is often seen as an example of scope economies.

  • Fhc has the superiority of scale and scope economy effects
  • Analyzing enterprise business diversification with the scope economy theory
  • scope economy and consumer ltv theory explain the reason to carry out the service
  • Therefore, in view of the scope economy, institutional type can be an important factor in assessing the internal efficiency of heis
  • As an important type of mixed operation of finance industry, the financial holding company has scale and scope economy and synergy effect
  • I first analyze that network finance has compound economic effects i . e . the external economy, scale economy and scope economy effects
  • Therefore, the industry has a typical oligopolistic structure, which exists rationally for it makes the industry enjoy scale economy and scope economy
  • As a new form of financial mixed management, financial conglomerates can gain scale economy, scope economy and consolidated effect by providing diversified services
  • It is estimated that there 8 . 7 million Scope economies, on the other hand, come through speciation, the evolutionary emergence of new species, based on the same platform as individual species.
  • One way to ensure that scale and scope economies are not entirely lost is to prefer _ but not always insist upon _ the divestiture of an ongoing business with staff, supplies and customer relations intact, to divestiture of a package of selected assets,
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