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scop meaning

"scop" in a sentence
  • Noun: scop
    1. A poet or minstrel in Anglo-Saxon England

    Derived forms: scops

    Encyclopedia: Scop

  • Seed yield and quality analysis of onobrychis viciifolia scop . cv . mengnong in different harvest periods
  • Scop . in family Lygaeidae and " Carpocoris mediterraneus"
  • The West Germanic counterpart of the skald is the scop.
  • Should I categorize them by SCOP family or something?
  • This produces a greater SCOP ( Seasonal COP ).
  • The most potent of remedies, Transderm Scop, is available only by prescription.
  • The beta-grasp domain has some initiation factor 3 as identified by the SCOP database.
  • The Anglo-Saxon scop and gleeman were replaced in the thirteenth century by the minstrel.
  • Therefore, they have been assigned to the same superfamily in Structural Classification of Proteins ( SCOP ).
  • Very little is known about the mythical scop, and its historical existence is questioned by some scholars.
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