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scooping meaning

"scooping" in a sentence
  • noun and adjective
  • The russians, the japanese scooping up our crab
  • The scoop-up was the key phase during a scooping cycle
  • scooping ice cream to your shitheel friends on summer break
  • Wash tomatoes . make into cups by cutting off top and scooping seeds out
  • They started swimming this way and that, scooping up water with their bodies
  • scooping feeding device
  • Hydrogen is abundant in the universe, and can be gathered by ram scooping stars or gas giants
  • The autonomous scooping control strategies of wheel loader based on on-line trajectory generation were studied
  • Fun events such as the scooping goldfish games and the performances of popular songs will be held on saturday and sunday during the festival period
  • Prepare rind by scooping out the red part of the watermelon.
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