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scare shitless meaning

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  • [British slang]
    Verb. To terrify. See 'shitless'. E.g."I was scared shitless when he jumped out at me wearing a Freddy Kruegar mask.”


  • I'm scared shitless, alfonso . i'm not like you
  • How do you say " scared shitless " in ltalian
  • We're using real bullets .-yeah . i, m scared shitless
  • Bunny : i'm scared shitless . david : maybe it's the retsina
  • I didn't have to . the guy was scared shitless half the time
  • Because i'm beginning to get scared shitless
  • Because i'm beginning to get scared shitless
  • They're okay . they're just scared shitless
  • What any scared shitless, loyal american would have done
  • And i'm not scared shitless . that's good, isn't it
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