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scare quotes meaning

"scare quotes" in a sentence

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  • n. [plural]

    the quotation marks round 'self-appointed', 'self-proclaimed', 'self styled' and 'so-called', showing you disagree


  • And there is ( notice the scare quotes, though ).
  • You may too want to dump the " scare quotes ".
  • The phrase occasionally appears in scare quotes : " targeted therapy ".
  • We have a passable article on it at Scare quotes.
  • :BenRG : do you really think those scare quotes are necessary?
  • However, when using " scare quotes ", the comma goes outside.
  • Writers use scare quotes for a variety of reasons.
  • It would be like putting scare quotes around phlogiston or n-ray.
  • And I'd consider using scare quotes, as I have above.
  • Scare quotes may suggest or create a problematization with the words set in quotes.
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