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sarir meaning

"sarir" in a sentence
  • [Defence]
    search and rescue incident report
  • sarir-- dakar-rally / french-co-driver AFP THAILAND
  • sarir-Co-driver-dies-in-desert-accident COMBO SINGAPORE
  • The fall from the Sarir C tectonic movement with little evidence of horizontal stresses.
  • Initial production from the main Sarir oil wells averaged, with some achieving rates of.
  • Historian Al-Kufi reported that in 738 the Arab commander al-Sarir ".
  • Sarir-Dakar-Rally AFP INDONESIA
  • Sarir-Dakar-rally AFP INDONESIA
  • Sarir at times adopted Christianity as the nominal, but not in reality, official religion.
  • The Sarir stratigraphic column generally resembles succession patterns throughout the Sirte Basin, with some variations.
  • In these wars it was generally victorious and allowed Sarir to manipulate the politics of Derbent.
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