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rush along meaning

"rush along" in a sentence
  • New cars rush along highways that halved my drive time from the airport.
  • Head down, Carl rushes along, the disjointed words and phrases tumbling out.
  • If they could rush along like Lou Holtz's mouth, victory could be declared.
  • La Fosse has choreographically emphasized the score's dynamism, and his ballet rushes along.
  • Early growth in Visalia can be attributed in part to the gold rush along the Kern River.
  • The Meekers chose a slow, steady pace, unlike many who sought to rush along as quickly as possible.
  • Immediately thereafter, police cars with sirens rush along the Coffee Shop, presumably driving to Lester's office.
  • Forget waiting behind a block-long line of cars at each stoplight during the noontime rush along Topanga Canyon Boulevard.
  • Business people rush along, deftly balancing briefcases, newspapers, and steaming cups of coffee as they run for the subway.
  • The gold rush along the Yukon River that began in 1884 brought many new diseases to the area and many people died.
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