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ruritanian meaning

"ruritanian" in a sentence

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  • When hob came here he spoke english with a sort of horrible ruritanian accent.
  • The effect was unmistakably Ruritanian, but there was no mistaking the hopeful mood.
  • But this ruritanian message box with its misleading message just won't do.
  • They can be divided into three groups : Ruritanian, historical, and contemporary.
  • Now two inquiries are under way into how this Ruritanian relic can be sorted out.
  • It starred Winifred Barnes, Jos� Collins and Arthur Wontner, who played the Ruritanian prince.
  • Later in 1936 his " O Mistress Mine " was a light Ruritanian vehicle for Yvonne Printemps.
  • Beneath London, they indeed find a large colony of kidnapped scientists, now escaping from the Ruritanian bombing.
  • While editing the page Ruritanian romance, I received notice of a deficiency in my edit from user : Ssilvers.
  • Modern works may differentiate from love-story as romance into different genres, such as planetary romance or Ruritanian romance.
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