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rocket plane meaning

"rocket plane" in a sentence

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  • noun
      An aeroplane driven by rocket motor


  • Meanwhile, the pilots return the rocket plane to Vandenberg.
  • The rocket plane could have climbed higher, he said.
  • The P2B would fly to about, then release the rocket plane.
  • It is also possible, that rocket planes launch vertically without changing their orientation.
  • His rocket plane was dropped from a B-29 at 34, 000 feet.
  • For example, the experimental rocket plane SpaceShipOne was designed without any use of wind tunnels.
  • This supersonic rocket plane first flew on June 8, 1959 with Scott Crossfield at the controls.
  • Global travel is conducted using rocket planes, which are colour-coded according to their destinations.
  • Opel planned to build a second rocket plane, but apparently lost interest before the project was completed.
  • It is a rocket plane with a large wingspan, straight rearwards wing and a pair of canards.
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