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rocket launching meaning

Synonyms of "rocket launching""rocket launching" in a sentence

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  • Noun: rocket launching
    1. The launching of a rocket or missile under its own power
      - rocket firing

    Derived forms: rocket launchings

    Type of: launch, launching


  • Hezbollah resumed rocket launching from the site within hours of the raid.
  • Over 200 rocket launchings took place on the island between 1946 and 1948.
  • Also that year, a rocket launching an Australian satellite failed to lift off.
  • Space-based Staring Infrared Sensors can detect the heat of rocket launching motors.
  • The rocket launching site at Balasore is situated in a place called Trishul etc.
  • Perhaps the difference is due to " rocket launchings " and " rockets ".
  • The launch site is now a National Historic Landmark, the Goddard Rocket Launching Site.
  • A parade of great fun will be held before the rocket launching at the temple.
  • Sound effects of a rocket launching begin the song and last for the first minute.
  • The Chandrayaan and video shows of rocket launching from Sriharikotta will be shown to the visitors.
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