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rocket launcher meaning

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  • Noun: rocket launcher
    1. Armament in the form of a device capable of launching a rocket
      - launcher

    Derived forms: rocket launchers

    Type of: armament

    Encyclopedia: Rocket launcher


  • The russian rocket launchers provided an accompaniment
  • Study on detection for ignition system of rocket launcher
  • J . p ., who gave you the rocket launchers last month on credit
  • Firing orders optimization of aero-defence rocket launcher by volley firing
  • The study of launching dynamics simulation for multiple rocket launcher
  • Design of the multiple rocket launcher loading training simulator based on vr
  • I like the one shaped like a rocket launcher . does it collate
  • How will the rocket launchers work
  • rocket launchers were " mothers.
  • And then somebody got a lucky shot off with this rocket launcher here
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