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rocket firing meaning

"rocket firing" in a sentence

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  • 'the rocket fired from thunderbird 1 has robbed it of the oxygen it needed to burn
  • Palestinian rockets fired from the gaza strip crashed into the battered israeli border town of sderot
  • The israeli army says rockets fired from the gaza strip hit a residential area of defense minister amir peretz's home town
  • More than two months into the gaza operation israel has still not secured the release of cpl shalit or stopped qassam rocket fire
  • The three remaining solid rockets fire at 79 seconds into flight.
  • Shelling and rocket fire was heard within miles of the city.
  • In 1993, the National Museum was hit by rocket fire.
  • They pulverized his sport utility vehicle with rockets fired from helicopters.
  • A rocket fired from there on Wednesday killed two Israeli children.
  • Getting a rocket fired up your rear end is something different.
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