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rocket engine meaning

Synonyms of "rocket engine""rocket engine" in a sentence
  • For one thing, they simplify the design of a rocket engine.
  • The feed system of a rocket engine may be the cause of undesirable oscillations.
  • Vortex injection provides a form of swirl or cyclone combustion for a rocket engine similar to systems often employed in industrial furnaces.
  • Safety rules for hoisting of liquid rocket engine
  • Manufacture of model rocket engines
  • Study of the unchoked ducted rocket engine and fuel-rich propellant
  • Propositional logic-based method of liquid rocket engine fault diagnosis
  • Analysis of failure and optimization for composite case of solid rocket engine
  • There are present rocket engines capable of reaching mars in 2-3 months
  • Grids method for chamber-nozzle integrated design in solid rocket engine
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