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rhubarb meaning

[ 'ru:bɑ:b ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "rhubarb""rhubarb" in a sentence
  • Noun: rhubarb  roobaa(r)b
    1. Long pinkish sour leafstalks usually eaten cooked and sweetened
      - pieplant [N. Amer] 
    2. Plants having long green or reddish acidic leafstalks growing in basal clumps; stems (and only the stems) are edible when cooked; leaves are poisonous
      - rhubarb plant 
    3. Long cultivated hybrid of Rheum palmatum; stems often cooked in pies or as sauce or preserves
      - pie plant [N. Amer], garden rhubarb, Rheum cultorum, Rheum rhabarbarum, Rheum rhaponticum

    Derived forms: rhubarbs

    Type of: herb, herbaceous plant, veg, vegetable, veggie

    Part of: genus Rheum, Rheum

    Encyclopedia: Rhubarb

  • [American slang]
    n. a brawl, especially in a baseball game.
    • There's a noisy rhubarb down on the field.
    • Ted got punched around a little bit in that rhubarb last week.

  • [Medicine]
    A plant genus of the family POLYGONACEAE. Members contain chrysophanic acid,rhein,EMODIN,and other anthraquinones. The roots were formerly used as purgatives. n
    1 : any of several plants of the genus Rheum having large leaves with thick succulent petioles often used as food
    2 : the dried rhizome and roots of any of several rhubarbs (esp. Rheum officinale and R. palmatum) grown in China and Tibet and used as a purgative and stomachic

  • [Sports]
    A fight or scuffle.
  • The large-leaved rhubarb and cabbage plants slept too, their broad limp surfaces hanging in the sun like half-closed umbrellas.
  • Swelling of rhubarb particles in various solvents
  • rhubarb tart with liberal fillings, rich fruit interior
  • The people call it robin hood s rhubarb
  • -rhubarb ?-have a seat
  • rhubarb ?-have a seat
  • Therapeutic value of rhubarb on patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • Improvements of hydrolyzing and extracting of anthraquinone derivatives from rhubarb
  • Clinical evaluation for effect of rhubarb amp; eupolyphage sinensis pills on anti-fibrosis in liver
  • Effect of rhubarb on gene expression of tumor necrosis factor in liver after scald
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