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rheumatic meaning

Synonyms of "rheumatic""rheumatic" in a sentence
  • "a touch of the rheumatics in my back," said the sergeant.
  • Mother read aloud beautifully and she was a great success with the wealthy and rheumatic mrs. effingham.
  • Continuous chemoprophylaxis against group a streptococci has proved to be highly effective in preventing recurrences of rheumatic fever.
  • Meteorological diagnose of rheumatic attack in chengdu
  • "a touch of the rheumatics in my back, " said the sergeant
  • Treatment of rheumatic disease by chinese drugs fumigation and steaming
  • Healthy education for patients with rheumatic heart diseases
  • The contents determination of muscone in rheumatic medical-plaster by gc-pci-ms
  • One of the feared complications of the rheumatic diseases is renal failure
  • Observation and nursing of patients with stroke by rheumatic heart disease
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