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rhetorician meaning

Synonyms of "rhetorician""rhetorician" in a sentence
  • The prime minister out of office is seen, too often, to have been but a pompous rhetorician.
  • In fact, the first-century roman rhetorician quintilian, in his treatise on oratory, gives the gesture as a sign of approval
  • He dismissed both ulpian the jurist because he was a righteous man and silvinus the rhetorician , whom he had appointed tutor to alexander
  • But Michael Jordan is only the second-best Chicago rhetorician.
  • Ramist reforms strengthened the rhetoricians'tendency to focus on style.
  • Malchus probably followed his profession of rhetorician or sophist at Constantinople.
  • Antiochus was one of the most distinguished rhetoricians of his time.
  • Coques was a member of two rhetorician guilds in Antwerp.
  • In early 1539, Ghent threw a lavish rhetorician festival.
  • The lineup should provide Clinton with cover against rhetoricians of the Republican right.
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