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rhetorically meaning

Synonyms of "rhetorically""rhetorically" in a sentence
  • Adverb: rhetorically  ru'tórik(u)lee
    1. In a rhetorical manner
      "'What can be done?' he asked rhetorically"

    See also: rhetorical

    Encyclopedia: Rhetorically

  • "what does this mean?" he asked rhetorically.
  • Humphrey paced the rug behind his desk and demanded rhetorically.
  • These poems particularized about the south with not enough precision, and generalized a little too rhetorically.
  • rhetorically, mr murdoch hit all the right notes
  • How does this introduction function rhetorically
  • "what does this mean ? " he asked rhetorically
  • Homophonic hypertexts are of a function of puns and rhetorically featured with humor, novelty and brevity
  • "Did we overpay ? " he asked rhetorically.
  • Maher Mahran asked rhetorically at a news conference several days ago.
  • At a hearing last week, Uelmen raised the issue rhetorically.
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