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revert meaning

[ ri'və:t ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "revert""revert" in a sentence
  • I was soon to revert to these matters.
  • Let us revert to the earlier part of the chapter.
  • The mind reverts to the earliest days of colonial history.
  • If he dies without an heir, his property reverts to the state.
  • Peasants were allowed to adhere or revert to individual farming in poland.
  • Some maize with s cytoplasm can revert to the fertile condition.
  • She had meant to revert to her former condition of important and cultivated uncertainty.
  • In his striving for wealth, power, or sexual satisfaction, he reverts to his true animal nature, and the facade of civilization falls away.
  • And reverts to its default value if you assign
  • The property revert to its original owner in1998
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