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return circuit meaning

"return circuit" in a sentence
  • [Electronics]
    The circuit through which current returns to a generator.
  • Cathode-return circuit
  • Common return circuit
  • Metallic return circuit
  • Earth return circuit
  • Any subtle change of capacitance can be measured through the method of modulation on high-frequency harmonic oscillation return circuit
  • The earliest telephones used telegraph lines, or open-wire single-wire earth return circuits.
  • This plasma diverted to the metal of the shuttle and from there to the ionospheric return circuit.
  • Any person stepping off the tram completed the earth return circuit and could receive a nasty electric shock.
  • To transmit power from one point to another distance point, you need a return circuit / conductor.
  • The greatest source of interference on this kind of transmission is usually the crosstalk between the go and return circuits themselves.
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