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retrospect meaning

[ 'retrəuspekt ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "retrospect""retrospect" in a sentence

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  • In retrospect it was a nightmare.
  • In retrospect it may seem odd.
  • It is pleasant in the retrospect.
  • It is pleasant in retrospect.
  • In retrospect all successful policies seem preordained.
  • It was odd that in retrospect they both seemed equally dreary.
  • In retrospect we may recognize the danger that lay in a too inflexible perfection of poise.
  • The victory of the royal air force on september 15 is seen now in retrospect to have marked its decisive turningpoint.
  • Only in retrospect do i realize that stripping bormann and lammers of power would hardly have changed the course of events.
  • The latter's yearning to expiate a guilt that was in retrospect vastly exaggerated or nonexistent prolonged the war.
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