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retrorocket meaning

Synonyms of "retrorocket""retrorocket" in a sentence
  • Noun: retrorocket  'retrow`rókit
    1. A small rocket engine on a larger rocket or spacecraft that is fired to slow or alter its course

    Derived forms: retrorockets

    Type of: rocket, rocket engine

    Encyclopedia: Retrorocket

  • Each craft had to hit the atmosphere right, deploy its parachute, turn on retrorockets and inflate airbags just before touchdown
  • Because of weight constraints, there was no backup retrorocket engine.
  • At 6 minutes 54 seconds after launch, retrorockets were fired.
  • Retrorockets on the side of the car slowed the vehicle.
  • SA-3 also featured the first use of retrorockets on Apollo hardware.
  • It used a heat shield, parachute and retrorockets to slow its descent.
  • Like Spirit, Opportunity will be slowed first by a parachute, then retrorockets.
  • Its heat shield and retrorockets functioned as expected.
  • Biosatellite 1 was not recovered because of the failure of a retrorocket to ignite.
  • Using aerobraking means that Mars Odyssey did not need to be fitted with special retrorockets.
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