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radiolocation meaning

Synonyms of "radiolocation""radiolocation" in a sentence
  • Noun: radiolocation  `reydeeowlow'keyshun
    1. Measuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects
      - radar, microwave radar, radio detection and ranging

    See also: radiolocate

    Type of: measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system

    Encyclopedia: Radiolocation

  • [Electronics]
    A process whereby the position of a vehicle, aircraft, or ocean-going vessel is determined. The simplest method is the directional method. Two or three fixed receiving stations are used. Radio direction-finding (RDF) equipment is employed at each station, in conjunction with a transmitter aboard the vessel, to establish the bearings of the vessel with respect to each station. Radar can also be used to locate vessels. In wartime, enemy craft can sometimes be located by visual or infrared apparatus. Satellites can locate enemy ships and missiles, in some cases with an error smaller than the length of the vessel itself. Compare RADIONAVIGATION.

    radiolocator See RADAR.

  • [Engineering]
    Determination of relative position of an object by means of equipment operating on the principle that propagation of radio waves is at a constant velocity and rectilinear.
  • radiolocation technology in la-cdma wireless cellular network
  • Glossary of aeronautical and astronautical terms-radiocommunication and radiolocation
  • So, radiolocation technique in the communication system based on ofdm modulation was investigated in this paper
  • An extended kalman filtering ( ekf ) algorithm is designed for radiolocation in cellular communication system, simulation is conducted to examine its performance
  • Its detection component has been emerging from radiolocation, multilateration and radiometry.
  • Radiolocation is employed in a wide variety of industrial and military activities.
  • Like radiolocation, it is a type of radiodetermination.
  • Many radiolocation systems, including GPS, use ToA.
  • In Australia, this spectrum is allocated to radiolocation and scientific-medical services.
  • However, your position can however be traced with a cell phone via Radiolocation.
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