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radio engineering meaning

"radio engineering" in a sentence
  • [Electronics]
    The branch of electronics engineering devoted to the theory and operations of radio communication.

  • [Engineering]
    "The field of engineering that deals with the generation, transmission, and reception of radio waves and with the design, manufacture, and testing of associated equipment."
  • Department of radio engineering
  • I have worked for the past three years improving my radio engineering knowledge and skills
  • The TsKB-17 is today the Vega Radio Engineering Corporation.
  • This structure is known in radio engineering as microstrip line.
  • In the interwar years, the subject was known as radio engineering.
  • He did his graduation in Electronics and Radio Engineering.
  • Radio Engineering Products opened a factory around 1963.
  • However, Hobbs did not last long and returned to radio engineering in Nebraska.
  • He was the chief editor of the journal " Radio Engineering and Electronics ".
  • That restoration and reconstruction was performed by the Radio Engineering Unit of RAF Henlow.
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