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radiant efficiency meaning

"radiant efficiency" in a sentence

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  • [Electronics]
    The ratio of the radiant energy emitted by a source to the energy consumed by the source. The radiant energy is generally specified within a certain range of wavelengths. An example is the incandescent light bulb, which has relatively low radiant efficiency in the visible spectrum between about 750 and 390 nanometers.


  • Quaternary and higher compositions allow adjusting simultaneously the band gap and the lattice constant, allowing increasing radiant efficiency at wider range of wavelengths; for example AlGaInP is used for LEDs.
  • With new untarnished reflectors, radiant tubes have a Downward Radiant Efficiency of about 60 % . [ The other 40 % comprises unrecoverable upwards radiant + convective losses, and, flue losses .]

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