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raciness meaning

Synonyms of "raciness""raciness" in a sentence
  • They were reading with enjoyment; yet their work was " afflicted from first to last with a fatal want of raciness.
  • There is a perceived raciness to the course, sure.
  • His prose is sometimes exaggeratedly witty, but vigor and raciness are ubiquitous.
  • Extremes of cobbiness or raciness are undesirable in shows.
  • It was the increasingly absurd raciness on television.
  • He said that despite the raciness of her films she herself claimed little sexual experience.
  • No hint of raciness in public advertisements.
  • In 1934, the Hays Office suggestions for eliminating raciness from the American screen became binding.
  • But if you're missing that weekly dose of raciness, there's HBO.
  • Their austerity comes as an almost welcome relief from the unremitting raciness of the main text.
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