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racegoer meaning

"racegoer" in a sentence

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  • noun
      An attender at race meetings


  • The present Lord Grimthorpe was a keen racegoer from an early age.
  • However, the upper levels provide far less accommodation for the everyday racegoer than was present in the former stand.
  • A Santa Anita racegoer joked last week that the next step is to include an update on each horse's appetite.
  • To provide services for the Brisbane racegoer, public transport operates to Bundamba and takes the form of trains, buses and taxis.
  • Now, a non-racegoer will probably ask, " Don't you always try to pick the best horse ?"
  • `The average racegoer; there's no way he can grasp how much skill it takes to ride a race horse like Laffit Pincay Jr ."
  • The Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Prince Napoleon in the Royal Enclosure alongside the Prince of Nassau, Prince Murat and the Duke of Morny, an avid racegoer.
  • "It's an aggravation, " said Bob Achen, a racegoer for 50 years, who phoned me from his Granada Hills home one day this week.
  • "You never get used to this aspect of the game, " a friend, a major-track publicist on vacation, said sadly to his wife, an infrequent racegoer.
  • He was a keen tennis player and an ardent racegoer; he gave unstinting support in his newspapers to coverage of local sport, and was particularly helpful in helping establish baseball and lawn bowls into Peterborough.
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