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rabbitry meaning

"rabbitry" in a sentence
  • Noun: rabbitry  rabitree
    1. A place where rabbits are kept; especially, a collection of hutches for tame rabbits

    Derived forms: rabbitries

  • Spread through a rabbitry is rapid, but rabbits inoculated with smallpox vaccine are immune.
  • They ran the community s largest rabbitry for several years and lived in their Alta Vista Drive home for 26 years.
  • However, testing to determine if this hay / vegetable / pellet diet meets the animal's requirements for minerals and vitamins have not been conducted to the extent that pellet diets have been researched in commercial rabbitry.
  • To convey the impression of self-sufficiency on small plots, the company established a rabbitry, pigeon and squab farm and poultry model-farm with resident  experts .  Other inducements were free berry vines, fruit trees and plants.
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