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quillon meaning

"quillon" in a sentence

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  • /kē-yɔ̃ˈ/
      Either arm of the cross guard of a sword-handle
      ORIGIN: Fr


  • Quillon talks to Tulwar about his deceptions then spits up blood and passes out.
  • A brass quillon, usually cast in a mold, was attached to protect the hand.
  • Soon Quillon and Meroka run into a Skullboy caravan and find two prisoners who they release.
  • He summons Meroka, one of his extraction specialists, to help Quillon out of the city.
  • They are met with Tulwar's militia force that escort Quillon and Meroka to the Red Dragon Bathhouse.
  • Some schools like a hybrid quillon design that is adequate for both flipping and trapping, but optimal for neither.
  • The two prisoners that Quillon and Meroka released are mother Kalis and daughter Nimcha who both bear the Tectomancer birthmark.
  • Quillon finds out that the serum that Ricasso had been preparing before serves as an effective anti-zonal medication.
  • Quillon-daggers remained popular in the 16th century, after the sword type it resembled had fallen out of use.
  • It was basket hilted ( often with an imbedded quillon for an upper guard ) and its blade was double edged.
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