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quantifier meaning

Synonyms of "quantifier""quantifier" in a sentence
  • Noun: quantifier  'kwóntu`fIu(r)
    1. (logic) a word (such as 'some' or 'all' or 'no') that binds the variables in a logical proposition
      - logical quantifier 
    2. (grammar) a word that expresses a quantity (as 'fifteen' or 'many')

    Derived forms: quantifiers

    Type of: word

    Encyclopedia: Quantifier

  • [Computer]
    <logic> An operator in predicate logic specifying for which values of a variable a formula is true. Universally quantified means "for all values" (written with an inverted A, LaTeX \forall) and existentially quantified means "there exists some value" (written with a reversed E, LaTeX \exists). To be unambiguous, the set to which the values of the variable belong should be specified, though this is often omitted when it is clear from the context (the "universe of discourse"). E.g.

     Forall x . P(x) <=> not (Exists x . not P(x)) 
    meaning that any x (in some unspecified set) has property P which is equivalent to saying that there does not exist any x which does not have the property.

    If a variable is not quantified then it is a free variable. In logic programming this usually means that it is actually universally quantified.

    See also first order logic.
  • Looping quantifiers do not clear group definitions
  • You cannot use a quantifier with an anchor
  • Marks the beginning of a quantifier expression
  • To evaluat uncertainty of quantifier measure results
  • Rules of inference for quantifiers in discrete mathematics
  • A specific usage of quantifier quot; pan quot; in sichuan dialect
  • The two-value weak model for first order logic with generalized quantifier
  • Type logical semantics for discontinuous quantifier
  • These correspond to the dtd quantifiers
  • quantifiers add optional quantity data to a regular expression
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