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qt meaning

"qt" in a sentence

Meaningmobile phoneMobile

  • Abbreviation: qt
    1. Quart, quantity

    Encyclopedia: Qt

  • [Architecture]

    Abbr. for “quart.”

  • [Medicine]
    abbr quart


  • Clinical study on qt dispersion in coronary heart disease
  • Off the record, on the qt, and very hush-hush
  • Pyqt follows the licensing of qt closely
  • The qt toolkit can be used with kde
  • In related news, qt is
  • Number of programming languages, more than either qt, or even tk
  • qt bindings for other languages
  • Gal . 5 qt . twenty gallons five quarts
  • Predictive values of qt vicaricance in pedo-viral myocarditis events
  • Using qt from other languages
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