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q meaning

Synonyms of "q""q" in a sentence
  • An ideal q in ring a is primary.
  • Ah q would be pissed off as usual, and glare furiously.
  • Points p and q represent two positions of the particle.
  • Ah q had always had the greatest contempt for such people as little nuns.
  • The other tubes read the values of q corresponding to their position on the rake.
  • If a molecule of net charge q is placed in an electric field, a force f is exerted upon it.
  • q represents the nonmetallic atoms necessary to complete a heterocyclic nucleus containing 5 atoms in the heterocyclic ring.
  • q : wonderful . but, what will be your costs
  • q : it's been a while, avril where have you been
  • q : why did the chicken run onto the football field
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