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q fever meaning

"q fever" in a sentence
  • Noun: Q fever
    1. An acute disease resembling influenza

    Type of: rickettsial disease, rickettsiosis

    Encyclopedia: Q fever

  • [Medicine]
    An acute infectious disease caused by COXIELLA BURNETII. It is characterized by a sudden onset of FEVER; HEADACHE; malaise; and weakness. In humans,it is commonly contracted by inhalation of infected dusts derived from infected domestic animals (ANIMALS,DOMESTIC).n : a disease that is characterized by high fever, chills, and muscular pains, is caused by a rickettsial bacterium of the genus Coxiella (C. burnetii), is transmitted by raw milk, by droplet infection, or by ticks, and is widely distributed in No. America, Europe, and parts of Africa
  • Procedure of micro-complement fixation test for bovine q fever
  • Animal health analysis methods-detection of antibodies against chlamydiosis and or q fever in mammals by the complement fixation test
  • The ministry of agriculture and forestry denied, citing the potentially deadly q fever from which the north american reindeer population suffers as the reason
  • All volunteers recovered from Q fever with no adverse aftereffects.
  • Retinal vasculitis is a rare manifestation of Q fever.
  • Looking weak, he said unidentified airplanes had sprayed his Australian compound with Q fever.
  • It is transmitted to humans causing Q fever by inhalation of aerosols of these materials.
  • Q fever in pregnancy is especially difficult to treat because doxycycline and ciprofloxacin are contraindicated in pregnancy.
  • Back at the hospital, treatment for presumed Q fever helps the husband but not the wife.
  • Brucellosis, tularemia, Q fever, Venezuelan equine encephalitis and food poisoning were developed as war tools.
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