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pressure drop meaning

"pressure drop" in a sentence
  • [Architecture]

    The decrease in fluid pressure between two ends of a duct or pipeline, between two points in a system, across valves and fittings, etc., due to frictional losses; in a water-piping system a drop in fluid pressure also occurs between two points as a result of the difference in elevation between the two points.

  • However, the pressure drop occurs almost completely in the plug.
  • In this range, the pressure drop increases in proportion to the specific gravity of the mixture.
  • When viscous forces predominate the flow is proportional to the pressure drop across the element.
  • The inventory of solids in a fluidized bed can easily be found by pressure drop measurements across the bed.
  • The correlation is considered to be an accurate method for the calculation of pressure drop in the pneumatic transport of solids.
  • If an applied stress or pressure drop is not sufficient to break the gel or exceed the yield stress, no flow will occur.
  • Experiment on the pressure drop of crude oil-water pipe flow
  • Too high a pressure drop in the mould or in the nozzle
  • Simplified calculation of pressure drop in spiral separator
  • Check against clogging and pressure drop
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