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positional meaning

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  • Adjective: positional  pu'zishunul
    1. Of or relating to or determined by position

    See also: position

    Encyclopedia: Positional


  • Our own numeral system is an example of a positional numeral system with base 10.
  • This does not mean the abandonment of vital strategic points, which can be defended in positional warfare as long as profitable.
  • No longer supports noninteger positional predicates
  • Indicates positional changes to the endpoint object
  • List of positional arguments for this attribute
  • Specifies whether a device supports positional lights
  • Trial comment on the preventive tactics against positional crime
  • Appraisal of positional accuracy of driven device in mechanism
  • The positional component effect on chinese character recognition
  • positional choice of china-asean regional logistics industry
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