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porchetta meaning

"porchetta" in a sentence
  • /pör-ket'ə/
    1. Sesoned, boneless roast pork cut from a whole roast pig
    2. Roast suckling pig
      ORIGIN: Ital, from porco pig
  • Porchetta is celebrated in the form of a Austin, Texas.
  • Game winners receive one pound of porchetta and a sourdough bun.
  • The porchetta is today a popular dish in Venetian cuisine.
  • Mostly,'La Porchetta Pronto'operates out of shopping centres.
  • In Italy, the largest Porchetta family hails from the southern province of Campobasso.
  • Italian settlers passed on their love for porchetta to their children and friends in this region.
  • Immigration brought the Porchetta name to North America in the early to mid-20th century.
  • Farmhaus restaurant chef-owner Kevin Willmann explained the benefit in cooking porchetta in a CVap oven.
  • The cooked pork called porchetta ( $ 12 . 98 a pound ) has a touch of rosemary.
  • Yoo, Zhang and Lindemann help prosciutto crudo, prosciutto e melone, sopressa, porchetta and pancetta.
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