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pontos meaning

"pontos" in a sentence
  • Noun: Pontos  póntós
    1. (Greek mythology) ancient personification of the sea; father of Nereus
      - Pontus

    Type of: Greek deity

    Encyclopedia: Pontos

  • Monografii ANTIM IV, Chi _ inu : Pontos, 2008.
  • Monografii ANTIM I, Chi _ inu : Pontos, 2005.
  • Pontos awakens, grabs a gun and a shootout ensues.
  • It is nestled between the Meehan Range, Pitt Water and the Pontos Range.
  • Pontos controls water, much like Current Okeanos.
  • His ancestors were Greek refugees from the Pontos region near the Black Sea in Russia.
  • "Pontos K�lt�r� " documents Asan's Pontic in its Of dialect.
  • He was born in Trabzon of Pontos in 1907 and died in Athens in 1979.
  • The " pontos " should be sung or said in Portuguese for religious use.
  • Most pontos are mere stools or wooden boxes on which the dealers sit through the day.
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