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polytheist meaning

Synonyms of "polytheist""polytheist" in a sentence
  • Noun: polytheist
    1. One who believes in a plurality of gods

    Derived forms: polytheists

    Type of: theist

    Encyclopedia: Polytheist

  • You laugh at polytheists, but you have no problem believing in a trinity god
  • In buddhism, buddha is not a god, and also buddhism believes and proves that the monothiest god and polytheist gods are not exist
  • Convert slaves belonging to the polytheist Quraysh received the harshest punishment.
  • The fact is that shia believes that only polytheist are najis.
  • Others are polytheists, and worship a number of goddesses.
  • They got ready to face the polytheists with hearts filled with faith.
  • The polytheists tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad to destroy Islam totally.
  • He took it and struck the heads of the polytheists ."
  • The city was home to polytheist, Christian communities.
  • :The overwhelming majority of the people in the Mediterranean area were polytheists.
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