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polytheism meaning

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  • polytheism and cultural identity of indonesian chinese
  • Others may note their own comfort and embrace of ambiguity and polytheism ( many gods)
  • Ethical monotheism sets us into a camp by ourselves compared to polytheism . the incarnation : god came to visit earth
  • Dayanand rejected image worship, sacrifice, and polytheism and claimed to base his doctrines on the four vedas as the eternal word of god
  • This traditional religion heavily emphasized ancestor veneration, polytheism and animism.
  • How about if someone were to remove every reference to polytheism?
  • :: The word you are looking for is polytheism.
  • McGrath presumably rejects the polytheism of the Hindus, Olympians and Vikings.
  • This concept dates from heretical  it is considered akin to polytheism.
  • Tradition regards Siberia the archetypal home of shamanism, and polytheism is popular.
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