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polyacid meaning

"polyacid" in a sentence

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  • /-asˈid/ adjective
    1. Having several replaceable hydrogen atoms
    2. Capable of replacing several hydrogen atoms of an acid

  • [Medicine]
    adj : able to react with more than one molecule of a monoacid to form a salt —used esp. of bases
    1 : an acid (as phosphoric acid) having more than one acid hydrogen atom
    2 : an acid of a large group of oxygen-containing acids


  • Then a polyacid is applied to remove the red dye from collagen and some other components by displacement.
  • The type of trichrome in which dyes and a polyacid are applied sequentially are called " multi-step trichromes ".
  • In " one-step " methods, all the dyes, sometimes with and sometimes without a polyacid, are combined in a single solution.
  • It is usually applied from a saturated solution in 80 % ethanol and often in conjunction with picric acid ( itself a dye ) and a polyacid.
  • The name " polylactic acid " does not comply with IUPAC standard nomenclature, and is potentially ambiguous or confusing, because PLA is not a polyacid ( polyelectrolyte ), but rather a polyester.
  • It now has become a general term to describe any histological staining method which uses two or more acid dyes in conjunction with a " polyacid " to differentially stain two basic materials in contrasting colours.
  • A second acid dye ( blue or green ) in dilute acetic acid is applied which, in turn, displaces the polyacid, resulting in collagen stained in a contrasting colour to the initial dye used.
  • Normally it would be expected that acid dyes would all stain the same basic proteins, but by applying them sequentially the staining pattern may be manipulated by removing dye from less intensely stained components with a " polyacid ", usually molybdophosphoric or tungstophosphoric acids.

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