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plug fuse meaning

Synonyms of "plug fuse""plug fuse" in a sentence
  • Noun: plug fuse
    1. A fuse with a thread that screws into a socket

    Derived forms: plug fuses

    Type of: electrical fuse, fuse, safety fuse

  • [Architecture]

    A fuse mounted in an insulated porcelain container fitted with a threaded, metal screw base; has a small window on the face of the fuse for observing the condition of the fuse element.


    An Edison-base fuse or a type-S fuse.

    plug fuse

  • [Electronics]
    A fuse provided with an Edison base for screwing into a socket.
  • Screw plug fuse
  • Screw-plug fuse
  • To remove a plug fuse, grasp it by the rim and turn counterclockwise.
  • The about 150 exhibited items include a voice-recording watch, a encrypted documents or codebook ( block cipher ) as well as various spying equipment in the form of utensils like pen, plug fuse etc . Also bugs, detected in buildings of Turkish diplomatic missions abroad in the Cold War era between 1967 and 1989, are on display.
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