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platform drop meaning

"platform drop" in a sentence
  • [Defence]
    (*) The airdrop of loaded platforms from rear loading aircraft with roller conveyors.
    See also airdrop; airdrop platform.
  • Click the type or select the new platform drop-down arrow, and then select a 64-bit platform
  • The active solution platform drop-down list displays the name of the current platform for which to build the solution
  • As on the show, a raised platform drops off to a sunken floor space.
  • Any paper lying outside the outline then gets crosshatched by the laser, and the metal platform drops down a fraction of an inch.
  • The platform drops a call for the elimination of the Department of Education and it says Republicans support " a strong federal role in environmental protection ."
  • The new platform drops or tones down policies synonymous with the party since its heyday shortly after World War II, when Japan was struggling to recover from the devastation of a war that some Japanese blamed on their emperor.
  • EZ Platform is the successor to eZ Publish, an Open Source CMS in development since 1999 . The previous iteration, eZ Publish 5, was a hybrid approach with old code as well as rewritten code . eZ Platform drops all the legacy code from the software and completes the transition to a complete new code base built on the Symfony2 Full Stack Framework.
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