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physical object meaning

Synonyms of "physical object""physical object" in a sentence

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  • Impetus of a physical object in motion
  • Items represent a physical object that you can locate in storage
  • A spear or a robot is as much a cultural as a physical object
  • A spear or a robot is as much a cultural as a physical object
  • Real property is both a bundle of legal rights and certain physical objects
  • The flags are virtual . there are no physical objects hidden or hunted in this game
  • Kids and their self-esteem are more important than any physical object they might break or destroy
  • On bolutu men could walk through trees, houses, and other physical objects without any resistance
  • Abstract : photogrammetry is widely used to obtain reliable 3-d information about physical object
  • Article 10 . taxable income derived by individuals shall include cash, physical objects and negotiable securities
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