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photoelectric meaning

[ ˌfəutəui'lektrik ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "photoelectric""photoelectric" in a sentence
  • Adjective: photoelectric  `fowtowi'lektrik
    1. Of or pertaining to photoelectricity
      "the photoelectric effect"
      - photoelectrical

    See also: electricity, photoelectrically

    Encyclopedia: Photoelectric

  • [Medicine]
    adj : involving, relating to, or utilizing any of various electrical effects due to the interaction of radiation (as light) with matter — pho·to·elec·tri·cal·ly adv
  • photoelectric work offers the widest scope.
  • The photoelectric cell controls a servomotor.
  • photoelectric spectrophotometers give better result.
  • This is obviously due to the compton and photoelectric effects.
  • Submit them to test on a photoelectric colorimeter or spectrophotometer.
  • Another phenomenon mentioned by einstein was the so-called photoelectric effect.
  • Early experiments on the photoelectric effect had not produced consistent results.
  • As a prelude to the discussion of the photoelectric effect, we consider briefly a related phenomenon.
  • The photoelectric effect and the compton effect, then, both seem to demand a return to a corpuscular theory of light.
  • Two of the three processes, photoelectric effect and pair production, eliminate the photons undergoing interaction.
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