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photoelastic meaning

"photoelastic" in a sentence
  • adjective
      Relating to or exhibiting photoelasticity
  • This is the mechanical basis of the photoelastic method.
  • In photoelastic experiments their difference is determined.
  • The principal advantage of the photoelastic strain gauge is that it is directed reading self-contained.
  • The mechanical creep in photoelastic models is accompanied by a variation with time of the optical effects.
  • Surface-coating techniques may be classified into two major types: brittle coatings and photoelastic coatings.
  • The steel reinforcement can be simulated in cementing a strip of ordinary photoelastic material along the crack edge.
  • The conventional photoelastic modes and procedures suffice to indicate whether or not the yield point of the material of the prototype will be exceeded.
  • The photoelastic experiment study of gear's static stress
  • photoelastic analysis on oblate extrusion pipe
  • The study of photoelastic experiment for three-dimensional complicated structure
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