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photocell meaning

[ 'fəutəsel ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "photocell""photocell" in a sentence
  • This flicker is detected on a photocell.
  • We must use photocell as detectors.
  • Electronmultiplier cells are superior to ordinary photocells.
  • It intercepts a portion of the light impinging on the photocell.
  • A small flay, attached to this body, intercepts a beam of light coming from a source and directed to a photocell.
  • Measuring methods of photocell-spectral sensitivity
  • Measuring methods of photocell-intergral sensitivity
  • Measuring methods of photocell-junction capacitance
  • Measuring methods of photocell-inverse breakdown voltage
  • Measuring methods of photocell-rise time and fall time
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