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philosophical doctrine meaning

"philosophical doctrine" in a sentence
  • Vedanta is not merely a philosophical doctrine, but it is practical self-realisation
  • Hegel presented biblical miracles as metaphors for Jesus'philosophical doctrines.
  • "Ajtivda " is the fundamental philosophical doctrine of Gaudapada.
  • Cartesianism is the name given to the philosophical doctrine of Ren� Descartes.
  • The Condemnations of 1277 banned the teaching of certain philosophical doctrines, including deterministic astrology.
  • It was during this period that he developed what is distinctive in his philosophical doctrine.
  • So what he is really defining as superstition are those practices not compatible with his own philosophical doctrine.
  • His idea was that the public could reason things out, provided comprehensive religious or philosophical doctrines are avoided.
  • Benedict Ashley credits Adi Shankara for unifying two seemingly disparate philosophical doctrines in Hinduism, namely Atman and Brahman.
  • Of course, many of its lines have innate essence of Vedic as well as philosophical doctrines, too.
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