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periodization meaning

"periodization" in a sentence
  • or periodīsāˈtion noun
      Division into periods
  • Review of development of the periodization
  • The periodization and nature of modern and contemporary chinese literature
  • periodization and nomenclature in the historiography of western philosophy
  • Classification and periodization of lotus pattern tile-ends in central plains district
  • Research on characteristic of periodization of athletics training in chinese sports universities and colleges
  • You won't find any magic workouts, miracle diet supplements, or all-purpose periodization schemes
  • Record of art and culture, history of han dynasty makes a theoretical summary of the phenomenological periodization of chinese novels
  • The development of technology and improvement of test methods are the hopes for solving the periodization of grottoes
  • The classification of ancient chinese literature into two halves is particularly meaningful for the periodization of literary history
  • Friel uses the training philosophy of periodization developed by Tudor Bompa.
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