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periodisation meaning

"periodisation" in a sentence
  • or periodīsāˈtion noun
      Division into periods
  • The periodisation of world history and the evolution of international system
  • Several periodisations are employed for the periodisation of the Indus Valley Civilisation.
  • Specific criticisms of Keith's tripartite periodisation include that:
  • This periodisation has been criticised for the misconceptions it has given rise to.
  • To do this, historians often turn to a method known as periodisation.
  • This periodisation has been criticised, for the misconceptions it has given rise to.
  • In the study of the coinage of the Visigoths a different periodisation is applied.
  • An elaborate periodisation may be as follows:
  • Those changes determined the periodisation of national cinema into a succession of distinct eras and movements.
  • Another periodisation is the division into " ancient, classical, mediaeval and modern periods ".
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