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periodical meaning

[ ˌpiəri'ɔdikəl ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "periodical""periodical" in a sentence
  • I expect regular periodical reports from you.
  • Guides help to identify periodicals and newspapers.
  • She had read of them in a periodical.
  • He consulted a number of relevant books and periodicals.
  • It was a periodical commenced by r. dodsley in 1758.
  • They skimmed most of these periodicals in seconds.
  • We should familiarize students with the use of periodicals.
  • The quarterly magazine is a periodical published every three months.
  • There are so many good articles in papers and periodicals recently that one can 't read them all.
  • Lots of periodicals in foreign languages have been subscribed to, not to mention those in chinese.
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